Dwight has been leading photography classes and workshops for over 30 years. His willingness to share his techniques and expertise, his honesty concerning the success-or failure-of an image, and his ability to see the potential in just about any subject contribute to an informative and memorable experience.

Photography Workshops

and Speaking Engagements

Photo by Mike Pavarini

Whether you’ve been shooting your entire life or you just received your first point and shoot, Dwight’s workshops will help bring your photographs to the next level.  Learn how to find and approach your subject, how to use available light and how to shoot under varying weather conditions.  Find out how to make the best use

of any equipment, from an iphone to a full-frame DSLR.  And learn how composition can turn a snapshot into a work of art.

An experienced public speaker, Dwight is also available for speaking engagements and gallery talks.  From large corporate or nonprofit gatherings, board meetings, high schools and universities, to local arts organizations and camera clubs, Dwight's colorful images and tales of adventure in the field are always well received.

For more information on upcoming classes and workshops, or to arrange a one-on-one or small group photo excursion, contact Dwight, or visit his Facebook page.